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Invasive Plant Control, Mowers and Taming Your Terrain.

Invasive species are a huge problem for landscapers, foresters, conservationists and most land maintenance professionals. Many times these species are given the upper hand because they populate in areas with no natural predators. Invasive plants can and do take over large areas within small amount of time. They choke out natural species and infest themselves in our gardens, lawns, parks, and natural areas. In the long term, invasive species alter the chemistry, mobility,and water retention of the soil, creating a whole other ecosystem much different from before.

So what does this have to do with mowers? Many forms of invasive species control involve chemicals. In using these chemical, they ultimately are transferred into the soil and water table, causing some harmful results. Alternatives include, controlled burns, introducing natural predators or stump removal. Safer options of invasive species control can come in the forms of high strength mowers.

By utilizing mowers like the Green Climber, a forester/conservationist/ landscaper can pick the right time of year, prior to the plant’s reproduction cycle, and kill the plant down to the roots. The Green Climber has the capability to even grind the stump low enough to kill the tree. Adding a safe alternative herbicide to the stump can ensure permanent extermination.


Before you decide to utilize chemicals, please keep in mind that chemicals saturate the soil long after the plant is gone. Most of the time, utilizing man power or machine power always provide you with a safer result.

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Special  thanks to Mr. Kochwesser, David Monit Ecology Club Coordinators, Riverside-Brookfield High School.

Green Climber Demonstrations: Illinois Department of Transportation

Just last month, Green Climber NA provided the Illinois Department of Transportation with a free demonstration of the Green Climber and Green Climber Mini machines. It was a great morning with a great sample space to work on! The crews of IDOT were able to see the machines in action, going up slopes, cutting heavy brush and knocking down trees with up to 2.5″ trunks. If you would like to check out a few clips from the IDOT demonstration, click on the video below.

Riding Mowers: Risk and Safety


Consumer Reports published an article with accompanying video which explains the dangers of using riding mowers. Furthermore, OSHA came out with a report in 2004 reporting about the dangers of riding mowers with concerns of injury due to roll overs. Green Climber makes safety first priority in it’s design and operation of each machine. Please take a moment to read the informative articles below about the dangers of riding mowers and roll overs.

OSHA: Dangers of Roll Overs of Riding Mowers

Consumer Reports: Mower Safety

Green Climber NA: The Origin

Green Climber NA is new to the United States. The machines, originally of Italian descent, were brought to the United States by Marty Halm of Paver Resources, Inc. The reason? Marty found these machines to be absolutely impressive in their design, engineering and performance. The Italians felt that their slope mowers would innovate the landscaping, public service and forestry industries in the United States as they have done across Europe. So, they asked Marty to bring these machines to the Unites States to distribute and sell. From here, began Green Climber NA. Check out http://www.greenclimberna.com or http://www.mdbsrl.com/en/ for more information about the Green Climber products and their popularity throughout the world.

A Comparative Study: The Green Climber vs Competitor Slope Mowers – May, 2015

An excerpt of report by Green Climber N.A., comparing the Competitor Slope Mowers to the Green Climber Slope Mower….Enjoy!

“Matching up the mechanical elements of the machines, the Green Climber comes standard with a Kohler tier IV Final engine, as compared to the Competitor Mower, which is still utilizing an Isuzu tier III. The fuel tank of the Alamo is 4.23 gallons which provides approximately 4 hours of usage. With a 10 Gallon fuel tank the Green Climber can operate at least five hours longer without refueling. This feature keeps crews working while minimizing down time.

The Green Climber, like some of it’s competition comes standard with Speed Controls, Kill Switches, Flail Head Controls, Auto Debris Clearing Fans, Radiator Cooling Fans, Engine Throttles, High Slope Maneuverability and 1,000 feet of remote working range.

Opposed to its competitors, the Green Climber offers a variety of additional standard features giving the buyer much more “bang for their buck”. The Green Climber’s Track Extensions provide enhanced maneuverability and stability in low traction areas. It’s Hydraulic Side Shifting Flail Head allows the weight of the machine to remain stable as the Flail Head shifts to cut areas out of regular width range. The On-board Battery Charger allows the operator to keep a fresh battery on hand at all times. The Green Climber’s Roll Bar protects the engine in case of a roll over and the tow hitch allows the operator to tow additional equipment or accessories with the machine.

Customers of Green Climber have been very impressed with the machines’ performances. The Green Climbers have had no problems with continuous or extended periods of mowing. We are happy to report that they quite effectively operate on slopes up to 60 degrees, and take down brush with trunks up to 2.5” thick. Overall, each customer continues to be extremely impressed with the performance, construction and engineering of the Green Climber Slope Mowers.” Created May, 2015 – V.P. Director of Marketing Zoe Zawacki, Green Climber N.A.