Safety begins with the Mower Operator.


23305564_SATake a chance to review the news stories below. What do they have in common? The misuse of a machine. The result? Injury.Death. Time. Money.

With the use of heavy machinery comes the responsibility to keep yourself and others out of harms way. It is extremely important for your operator to know what the machine can and can not handle.

In many stories I have read about mower accidents, the operator used the machine in a way that it was not intended to be used. Weather it be going up slopes that are too steep, mowing in damp or uneven areas, or not understanding the strength of the machine; the operator made the final decision to move forward with executing the job with help of a machine. There is no way to say that the operator is always at fault. We never know for sure what lies ahead. Grass may not look slippery, the ground might not seem soft, that ridge might not seem weak.

Taking the operator away from the machine provides landscaping and maintenance crews with one less, large risk. If the machine happens to fall into a ditch, a pond, lose traction and fall over, the only thing getting hurt is the paint job on the the machine.

Green Climber Slope Mowers are all about safety; About keeping the worker/operator safe while making sure they operate safely. After all, working in the landscape maintenance industry provides you with enough curve balls. When a machine goes down, we don’t want to see a worker, your profit or efficiency go down with it.

Lawn Mower Accidents in the 2015 News: – Branson, MO. Employee Injured while Mowing – 23 Year Old Landscaping Employee Killed by Lawn Mower – Leland Grove Worker Killed in Mowing Accident – Minn. DOT Worker Killed in Roll-Over