Green Climber on the Job- All over North America!


The Green Climber finishing the job at a Solar Farm in Ontario, Canada!

We have been working hard to provide more and more information for our customers. We’ve been utilizing pictures, video and social media to prove it! It’s great when we know what our products are capable of but, it’s incredibly important for the consumer to know! Why offer a product unless you are 100% convinced that it has outstanding utilities?

If you take a look at out YouTube, our Facebook, or Twitter, we have been adding pictures of our Green Climbers on the job. We have pics and videos of them at Solar Farms, National Parks, Chemical Refineries, Railroads, Highway Maintenance sites, Dams, Water Reservoirs and many more!

Our Facebook albums have been recording every demo, job and step along the way! Check out our albums for some impressive photography!