The 2016 Fleet!

Our Green Climber engineers are always thinking about ways to improve our machines. Aside from safety being our priority, we also look to improve usability, compliance, versatility and efficiency. Our 2016 fleet includes the EPA complaint LV 300 and LV 600. These Green Climbers are equipped for new EPA standards, with more attachments and better computer monitoring. For our audience, we have included the specification sheets! Cheers to 2016! May this be the safest and most efficient year yet!

Green Climber LV 300 

Green Climber LV600 


Kicking it up with State and National Procurement.

As of 2015 Green Climber is available for state and national procurement. What does that even mean? For us its a wonderful, splendid thing! As a newer product, some procurement managers see us as just another slope mower available for bid. THEN, they look at our specs and the specs of our variety of machines. WE are the first slope mowers out there to be tier IV final. We have the confidence of the workers that we’ve demoed with and rented to.

So what it means is that we have the opportunity to provide our products to government and state workers. WE can provide them with EPA complaint, dependable and efficient machinery… and that is awesome. LeftMiddle

PG 2 & 3PG 2 & 3