Madison, WI Thanks for going with Green Climber!

Tri-State Bobcat hit the ground running this seasons with a sale of the LV600 to the City of Madison, Wisconsin. 
The Green Climber Slope Mower will be used to cut dykes, berms, highways and other steep, overgrown and hazardous areas around Madison. The purchase of this mower will improve the working conditions while reducing labor costs and workers’ on the job risk.
Find out more about Tr-State and the Green Climber mowers by going to: 

madison WI


Asplundh Tree Experts Demo!

Asplundh is a uniquely amazing company. What I loved the most about working with them for a day, was their corporate structure and how each employee knew the company inside and out. They start from the bottom and earn their way up the ladder. Their safety standards, knowledge of their field and professionalism was just fantastic.

We are absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to provide a demo for Asplundh. Last week we brought out our LV600 and forestry head to a right-of-way area in North Carolina. We worked through some heavily wooded areas and had the Asplundh employees operate the machine themselves. It was a great demo! Video and pictures are featured below.

Thank you very much for inviting us!