ABOUT Green Climber NA

Green Climber NA was established in 2012 in Chicago, IL. As the master distributor for MDB Srl products for the United States and Canada, Green Climber NA offers a variety of hydraulic based technologies for the North American market. The most popular of these being the Green Climber Slope Mowers.

The Green Climbers have an ever growing presence in North America because of their innovative technology and elevated baseline for safety on a slope mower.

To say the least, the Green Climber Remote-Controlled Slope Mowers offer a lot of BANG for your BUCK:

  • 60 Degree Cutting Capacities, ALL DIRECTIONS!
  • Tier IV Final, California Emissions Compliant diesel engines.
  • The highest Hp in its class (56Hp for the large, 25Hp for the smaller models)
  • On- Board Battery Chargers w/ extra battery
  • Clean-Fix Auto Cleaning Fans
  • The Largest Fuel Tanks in it’s class, designed for all day operation – 40% larger than the competition
  • Highest Hydraulic Flow of its Class
  • Extendable Tracks
  • Side Shifting Head
  • Cutting Head Down Pressure
  • Quick-Connect Hydraulics
  • Advanced Computer System to monitor slope, maintenance, liquid levels and battery charge
  • Multiple Agg and Construction Attachments
  • High Performance Tracks – standard
  • Flail head included as standard
  • A seriously cool style

Check out our videos to see these beauties in action!

E-mail us for more information! info@greenclimberna.com